Commitment To Quality

Our mission statement says it all. Spinelli Coffee’s mission is to buy, roast and sell the finest coffee available on the planet. We see no point in compromising on this one crucial point, the core of our business. We taste literally hundreds of coffee annually to bring you the highest quality, more refined and unusual coffee we are able to find.


The method used to taste coffee is known as cupping. It’s a thorough process of inspection and tasting designed to highlight mistakes made during the various stages of processing. During cupping, coffee beans are visually examined before and after roasting, coffee grounds are smelled before and after brewing up, and the coffee is tasted repeatedly at different temperatures.


In most cases, we taste and cup a coffee several times before making a selection. Coffee with flavour taints won’t make the grade. Samples are often compared to coffee we already have in stock. Even when we have decided to buy a particular coffee, purchase is subject to an arrival sample, which means if the coffee that is shipped into port does not match the sample initially offered, we will reject the shipment. 


We take coffee and our role as Singapore’s premier specialty coffee roaster very seriously. We are committed to purchase and roast Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans for use in all Spinelli Coffee beverages as a symbol of our pledge to conservation and sustainability practices in coffee farm management.


We are currently members of The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and Australasian Specialty Coffee Association. Whether as contributing writers for Asian Specialty Coffee Magazines, Specialty Coffee Workshops or serving as judges for Regional and World Barista Championship endorsed competitions; we are committed and passionate coffee lovers.

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