Art Of Roasting

Given our determination to roast the world’s best coffee, we roast our coffee in such a way as to draw out its unique and inherent flavour characteristics. Contrary to popular belief, the goal of coffee roasting is to develop flavour, not to reach a certain colour. Every coffee will reach its peak at different roast levels – there is no one generic roast. Knowing how to achieve the optimum for each bean is the art and science of being a coffee roaster.


Spinelli Coffee’s weekly roast schedule is determined by the Master Roaster according to each store and wholesale orders. Only as much coffee as is needed for the next 7 days is roasted and stockpiles are never built. This ensures that only the freshest coffee is served and sold. A sample is taken from each load roasted and placed on the tasting table for cupping the next day. It is only through rigorous tasting of each load we roast that we can ensure our own quality standards are met.


Did you know? Strong coffee refers to the ratio of coffee grounds to water used in brewing. A higher ratio of coffee grounds gives a more intense and stronger flavour because more coffee is used to brew that particular cup. Strong coffee does not signify a dark roast!

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